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Dame Gingembre

Dame Gingembre is a Swiss-German company, founded by ginger aficionados. They have launched an artisanal production of ginger juice, a healthy and ethical product that has gradually established in our daily lives.

Dame Gingembre : a family business

Dame Gingembre was founded by a sister and a brother, Amarilis and Raphaël Bilbeny. And although they are big consumers of ginger, nothing predestined them for a career in ginger production. In that way, they developed their idea while keeping their original professions, Amarilis being an opera singer, and Raphäel an actor.

The original concept of Dame Gingembre is becoming more and more attractive. It is a certified organic ginger juice, ideal for a revitalizing brunch. The ginger roots used for the production come from Peru and are grown in accordance with the rules of fair trade. Juices, produced at Mont sur Lausanne in Switzerland, are cold-pressed to preserve the totality of the ingredient’s benefits and their taste values. The brand also intends to be ecological and environmental friendly.

Most of the suppliers are therefore local, waste treatment is taken care of and the producers recycle them to make others products such as teabags or tote bags. Finally, the recipes are prepared with great attention, adding as few ingredients as possible to avoid altering the taste of ginger.

Ginger, a plant known for its virtues and health benefits

Ginger is a tropical plant native to India and known worldwide for its many health benefits. It can be eaten in several forms including: powdered, fresh or cooked. Rich in water, vitamins, carbohydrates and fibre, the plant relieves common illnesses such as rheumatism, nausea, colds, cramps and headaches.
Amarilis, the creator of Dame Gingembre also revealed that she was consuming ginger under the recommendations of her singing teacher to help soften her vocal cords and treat her inflammations. It’s a real “magic potion”!

Products in several forms

Dame Gingembre products are not limited to ginger juice. The brand developed many variations of the product, firstly by flavouring its juices with natural products, thus we get the « Vanillé » (ginger, lemon and vanilla from Madagascar), the « miellée » (ginger, lemon, and multi- flower honey) and finally, the « Curcuma » (ginger, lemon and pepper).
Then, Dame Gingembre has launched cures with packs of ginger shots to drink every morning or to accompany a snack. The cures are also available in 3 flavors : Energy (ginger, lemon, honey), Immunity (ginger, lemon) et Detox (ginger, lemon, apple). These little shots look really great on a table decoration; they can also be an original gift for wedding guests.
Finally, Dame Gingembre partners with an ice cream brand and has launched its own « Pomme-P-It-Up » apple-ginger ice cream.


Ginger juices are perfect to be consumed pure or diluted in hot or cold drinks in any season. In water, tea, fruit juice, beer, soup or sauce... For a wedding, this juice is ideal to flavour and give a fruity taste to cocktails or champagne for instance. It is a refreshing, healthy and organic product that has all the necessary taste capacities to surprise your guests for sure. You will find hereafter three recipes of cocktails created by Dame Gingembre that could seduce you for the occasion. A must try!

Marine Verney & Margaux Bélot / Agence Diamant Brut

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