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Brunch is an opportune moment to talk about the highlights of the previous day and share a convivial meal with your closest guests. Most of the time, It's a light and digestible meal because the wedding dinner was very complete. Most of the proposed dishes are simple, rather classic, but it is quite possible to make a brunch that is both light and original. Taking place around 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, a brunch can take place in the form of themed bars. Very adequate to start the day, the theme bar can be an ideal solution to satisfy everyone's tastes while keeping lightness in the meal. Salad bar, for example, is a very suitable concept. 100% fresh and filled with healthy ingredients such as beets, potatoes, quinoa, carrots or starchy foods, it is the perfect mix for a complete and balanced meal. The juice bar can also be a success on the day after the party. With a fresh and a sweet side, it can ideally accompany the coffee or the tea. Any theme bar can make this brunch very enjoyable and original, all combinations are likely to please the guests, and most important is the atmosphere that will reign at your brunch. It is necessary to not neglecting decoration, the place of reception and dishes choice, keeping the right balance between late breakfast and lunch so that your guests feel just like at home.


Spanish brunch : tapas, paella, churros and sangria 

Everything the guests expect from a brunch are hot and cold drinks to wash away the excesses of the day before, and a meal that is not too heavy to digest.

If you don't want to keep it classic with the dishes of the English brunch with eggs, bacon and toast, or French brunch with pastries, you can choose a brunch with Spanish dishes. Don't hesitate to take your guests on a trip with an assortment of tapas that come in several forms, you can be sure to satisfy the tastes of each one of your guests

Paella or tortilla are warm and convivial dishes that can be very effective for a brunch. If you have the opportunity to order it from your caterer, ask him if it is possible to revisit it as it is a dish with a wide variety of ingredients that give way to more imaginative preparations.

Concerning the drinks, fruit juices or lemonade can be very well, for the more gourmet and to keep the Spanish concept, you can offer churros and sangria to your guests.


The barbecue, an original and trendy meal

If your wedding takes place during summer you can take advantage of the outdoors to barbecue on the terrace, in the middle of the lawn or by the pool.
The barbecue is a very trendy concept and it’s more and more appreciated by brides and grooms who marry each other during summer.

It is ideal for the day after the wedding as it usually leaves only the bride and groom's closest family and friends behind. Beyond 100 people, it becomes very difficult to serve everyone at the same time and the concept loses its conviviality.

To satisfy all your guests, vary your meats: sausages, merguez, entrecote, beef, pork, etc.  You can complete your meal with assorted salads, vegetables and several sauces that guests can choose according to their desires. Make sure not to choose only meat dishes to satisfy vegetarians who don't eat meat.

"All you need is love. But a little bit of chocolate now and then doesn't hurt..” Charles M. Schulz

Fruity brunch : Healthy and refreshing


Whether it’s in juice, smoothies, salads, wedges, jam, kebabs, yogurt, pie or applesauce, fruit can make your brunch a beautifully refreshing experience.

Very healthy and full of vitamins, fruit is the best option for filling up with vitamins and energy as soon as you wake up. An even smarter choice for a hectic night's sleep. Fruits are usually very quick and easy to prepare so they are not too difficult to serve.

You can prepare juices and make smoothies with yoghurt, simply prepare salads with a little orange juice and some aromatic herbs to flavour the dish, or if you want something even more refined and colourful for your buffet, you can make a carpaccio and cut thin slices of pineapple, watermelon and mango.

Nothing also prevents you from making more elaborate desserts such as crumbles, clafoutis, pies or verrines with cottage cheese for example.

If you want to turn to a more classic brunch, fruit goes very well with pancakes, waffles and pancakes. You can even encourage your guests to make their own fruit dessert.

A brunch is always a good idea

Winter brunch 

Warm, convivial and mostly made up of hot dishes, the winter brunch is the perfect compromise between seasonal products and delicacies.

To start your brunch, soups or vegetable velouté are very popular. It is a dish that remains healthy and very light for the day after the wedding. Of course it is preferable to choose seasonal vegetables such as broccoli, squash, spinach or cauliflower.

Concerning the drinks, a coffee, a tea and a hot chocolate bar is the ideal solution to warm up your guests. You can offer all kinds of thing to match the drink, marshmallows, whipped cream, caramel, cookies, etc.

Finally, a a dessert you can offer pancakes or waffles, ideal to accompany hot drinks.

Margaux Belot / Agence Diamant Brut 

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