Secular ceremony

Without codes or rules, a wedding that resembles you. An intimate conviction and a deep love that will be expressed in the presence of those who are dear to you. A commitment to yourself and your loved one, in the intensity of your dream ceremony.

A secular ceremony to unite you

The secular ceremony or engagement ceremony coming straight from the Unites States, erases any religious connotation. It is the testimony of commitment to one's self, to one's loved one and to one's entourage. This choice aims to provide intensity and soul to one of the most beautiful days of your life.

No code is imposed, no rule is to be respected. Everything is conceivable. Just let your imagination run wild.

A ceremony that resembles you

The secular ceremony enables you to remain free unite your different cultures, to imagine and create an environment, an atmosphere that suits you. This unique moment is based on your life as couple philosophy. A ceremony that shows who you are, your values, which can be solemn, funny moving or all at once. A secular ceremony without restrictions...

Unite in magical places

Unite in a place that looks like you, which inspires you, and makes you simply happy, is possible. Diamant Brut Agency is here to support you and advise you in finding the venue that will meet all your expectations. Numerous possibilities is offered to you. Imagine your secular ceremony on a beach, in the heart of a forest, on the edge of a lake, surrounded by snow-capped peaks...

A secular ceremony abroad

You would like your union to be different, original and you wish to celebrate your love differently. Diamant Brut Agency propose to organize your secular ceremony beyond French borders. Its international network and its numerous collaborators, will now enable you to get mariied in Malta, Reunion Island and Miami.. 

Diamant Brut Agency organizes all types of events in France and abroad. 

Your perfect wedding !

A short time to take care of your wedding, we are able to take over your project to assist you in the organization of your D-day.