Summer wedding

A wedding in complete freedom. A ceremony in full light, a cocktail with the colors of a soft sunset, an unforgettable ball opening under the magic of starry sky. A romantic day of love and sharing to create memories that will forever engraved.

A bespoke wedding

Whichever region or destination you would like to get married in, Diamant Brut Agency is committed to creating a bespoke wedding. The Agency will take care of every detail to perfectly achieve all the necessary steps for the successful conduct of your wedding. Diamant Brut implements and undertakes to develop weddings that reflect the future spouses.

Whether overlooking in the sea, in the middle of a forest, surrounded by mountains peaks, in sumptuous castles, in a charming and old farmhouse, in a beautiful vineyard or in a family property… Diamant Brut ambitions to bring your story to life and enrich this unforgettable moment.


An elegant wedding

Diamant Brut Agency draws from the latest trends, while preserving the authenticity of you relationship. The Agency is committed to a certain level of requirement and quality due to its expertise in order to make your wedding unforgettable. Our aim is to bring your story to life and to enhance it during your union surrounded by your family and friends.

A bespoke wedding, elegant, modern, and refined for a moment of pure happiness, love and sharing. Entrust us with the delivery of your union which will undoubtedly be the most beautiful day of your life.

Diamant Brut Agency specializes in weddings or private events in winter and abroad.

Your perfect wedding !

A short time to take care of your wedding, we are able to take over your project to assist you in the organization of your D-day.